Mercedes GTS AMG

The all new Mercedes-Benz GTS AMG has become one of the most fascinating supercar that has captured the hearts of all car hire enthusiasts in Dubai. The GTS AMG represents the purest emotion for the German brand BENZ and is set to become one of the most coveted sports cars of all time. From the start of the pencil drawings of this supercar to the execution of what we have today in the form of the GTS, this Mercedes-Benz supercar personifies the senses that come alive during motoring. From what you hear when the engine is turned on to how the leather interior feels when you are driving, this Mercedes-Benz supercar is ready to be pushed beyond the boundaries for a motoring experience created by the best engineers for the best drivers who enjoy the roads of Dubai. A must have experience of life time, indulge in our GTS for your next car rent experiment.


Airbag: Yes
AM/FM CD Player: Yes
Doors: 2
Large Baggage: 0
Passengers: 2
Power Steering: Yes
Power Windows: Yes
Small Baggage: 2
Transmission: Triptronic/Automatic

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