Mercedes G63

One of the best bits is the G63’s Exhaust system. It’s silent at idle, sounds like a V8 muscle car at part throttle and howls like a supercar as it nears its 6200rpm redline. This makes driving through tunnels or hillsides a thoroughly enjoyable experience in Dubai or across the other emirates. The exhaust sounds so good that it turns heads every time you pass a busy junction on the streets of Dubai.

The G63 Amg also offers a generous amount of flexible space that can easily cope with a wide variety of transport needs, making it the ideal partner for work, travel, recreation and shopping which makes it an ideal option for rental/hire.


Airbag: Yes
AM/FM CD Player: Yes
Doors: 4
Large Baggage: 3
Passengers: 5
Power Steering: Yes
Power Windows: Yes
Small Baggage: 2
Transmission: Automatic

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