Lamborghini Aventador

Living, fire-breathing throwback to your Hot Wheels, Stops traffic, drops jaws, snaps necks are just the few words that wouldn’t be enough to say about the Aventador. There are few cars like a Aventador that will stop the busy streets Dubai. Supercars like THIS are now getting few and far between, so we should rejoice in the insanity while we have the access to rent or hire it. In a nutshell – SHATERRING!!  The Four-wheel drive and 630bhp, combined with a torque figure of 487lb ft means that you can launch the big Aventador to 100 kms/phr in just 3.4 seconds, all day, every day.


Airbag: Yes
AM/FM CD Player: Yes
Doors: 2
Large Baggage: 0
Passengers: 2
Power Steering: Yes
Power Windows: Yes
Small Baggage: 2
Transmission: Triptronic/Automatic

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