Carrying the American car badge, this compact sedan has been a less popular choice in this market.  This may be due to the fact that many in this region prefer the Easter manufacturer (Japan) more than the Western.  But times have changed.  A car doesn’t need to be Japanese to be reliable, fast, easily repairable, and fetch a good resale value!  With the auto market developing and going through changes over the past few years, even the Chevrolet Aveo can fetch a good resale value.

Its exterior has a very decent and classy look.  Equipped with 14 inch tires and a unique and modern wheel cap design, which can be easily mistaken for alloys!  It carries a stylish sporty front end look, due to the focus on aero dynamics and its long rear end gives it a the mid range sedan look. And its even available in a wide range of colours!

Its beige interior blends well with most colours the car is available in,and if you disagree, you can ask the dark grey interior. Of course, but the beige interior’s never been out of demand!. The fabric trimming is awesome, as its feels very comfortable to sit on for long hours.  Its green dashboard lights blend very well with the illuminated head unit, and makes it hard to believe that you’re sitting in an economy range vehicle.

A drive in the Aveo feels very smooth and comfortable.  The minus being lack of torque, which means you could rev upto 4000 rpm for faster acceleration, for times when you’re in a hurry.  The car has very good stability when driving on highways on speeds up to 160kms/hr.  At such great speeds, even the steering responds very well, and suspension lives up to the American badge label!  The excellent rubber fit on the doors – so there is less air leakage and almost no noise cause due to this! – and the silent engine, makes those long drives very smooth, silent, and comfortable!

And for consumer safety, it comes with a pre-installed Fire Extinguisher – thanks to the official distributor Al Ghandi Motors.   However, in this compact sedan, 5 passengers may be a squeeze!  The leg space for the front passenger may get compromised for the rear passengers to fit in comfortably, as the fire extinguisher is placed under the front seats.